Tropicals at Farms View

Picture this: the smell of salty sea air, the breeze rustling the fronds of palm trees, the sun glistening off the grains of sand and the warmth of the day while you’re sitting on the beach. A picture that you, up until now, could only have if you traveled to do so! Be it going to the Jersey shore, Florida, or flying to an island, these feelings were just a thought, a place you could go to only in your mind! Now thank to Farmsview those thoughts are as close as your local farm market and backyard!! After researching and brainstorming new ideas for products to expand on our greenhouse production, we came up with yes, you guessed it TROPICALS!

From small ferns to 6 ft palm trees, hibiscus to the vines of mandevilla, we can help you have that island feeling!! Now here at the farm, we have them all for you!