Fresh Produce

Jersey-Fresh Vegetables & Fruit - Picked fresh daily

New Jersey-Grown Fruits & Vegetables Picked Daily

At Farms View, we grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are non-GMO. Our produce is picked daily at our farm during the growing season, May through October (with some availability in November depending on weather conditions). This ensures fresh, delicious food from our Farm Market to your table!

Our Produce Selection & Availability

During the summer, our homegrown produce is at its peak. You will find over 65 varieties of fresh vegetables and fruit picked daily. Because our produce is locally-grown, availability is seasonal and dependent on weather conditions.

What’s In Season? Items below that are listed in bold and marked with a check mark are currently available at our Farm Market!

Arugula Produce in Season
BasilProduce in Season
Beans, GreenProduce in Season
Beans, Yellow WaxProduce in Season
BeetsProduce in Season
BroccoliProduce in Season
CabbageProduce in Season
CantaloupesProduce in Season
CarrotsProduce in Season
Caulibroc (purple, cross between broccoli and cauliflower)
Cilantro Produce in Season
CornProduce in Season
Cranberry Beans
CucumbersProduce in Season
DillProduce in Season
EggplantProduce in Season
Flowers, Fresh-CutProduce in Season
GarlicProduce in Season
Garlic ScapesProduce in Season
KaleProduce in Season
Lettuce Produce in Season
Lima Beans
Mesclun, Baby Greens Produce in Season
OnionsProduce in Season
Parsley Produce in Season
PeppersProduce in Season
Persian Cucumbers
PicklesProduce in Season
Pie Pumpkins
Radishes Produce in Season
Rhubarb Produce in Season
Scallions Produce in Season
SquashProduce in Season
Squash, CousaProduce in Season
Squash FlowersProduce in Season
Strawberries, Fresh-Picked 
Strawberries, U-Pick – weather and yield permitting
Sugar Snap Peas
Swiss Chard Produce in Season
TomatoesProduce in Season
Winter Squash

Although not homegrown, the following items are also available:

NJ BlueberriesProduce in Season
California GrapesProduce in Season
Moon Drop GrapesProduce in Season
Red Cherries, Rainier CherriesProduce in Season
NJ PeachesProduce in Season
NJ NectarinesProduce in Season
Apricots Produce in Season
Watermelon, Red & YellowProduce in Season
Plums, PluotsProduce in Season
AvocadoProduce in Season
Lemons, LimesProduce in Season
NY State fresh dug potatoesProduce in Season
Peppers Produce in Season
Tomatoes, Greenhouse Produce in Season
Tomatoes, Cherry Produce in Season

Other Farm Market Items:

Amish Butter Produce in Season
Eggs, Cage Free Eggs Produce in Season
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Produce in Season
Calandra’s breadProduce in Season